Dale R Nyholt 9th GeneMappers Conference 2012

Dale R Nyholt

Associate Professor Dale Nyholt is a Human Geneticist with major research interests in the genetic analysis of migraine, endometriosis and other comorbid traits including depression and epilepsy. He was awarded his PhD through Griffith University in 1999 and after a two-year post-doc at Rockefeller University NY, he joined the Genetic Epidemiology Group at QIMR. Since 2008, Dr Nyholt has lead the Neurogenetics Group at QIMR Berghofer which studies the role of genetics in the development and mechanism of the nervous system. In addition to identifying genetic risk factors which lead to new knowledge of the underlying biological pathways contributing to disease pathophysiology, Dr Nyholt dabbles in developing approaches aimed at understanding the genetics of common human traits.

Abstracts this author is presenting: