Marina L Kennerson 9th GeneMappers Conference 2012

Marina L Kennerson

Associate Professor Kennerson is a Principal Hospital Scientist with the Molecular Medicine Laboratory at Concord Hospital and Principal Research Fellow with the ANZAC Research Institute and Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. She is a key international researcher in the field of hereditary neuropathies and has developed the genomics gene discovery and translational program at the ANZAC Research Institute. Associate Professor has discovered several neuropathy genes including ATP7A and PDK3 as well as structural variation mutations causing gene dysregulation as a new disease mechanism for hereditary neuropathies. She is also developing a translational program to introduce induced pluripotent stem cell technologies and animal models (mouse and C. elegans) for the newly discovered genes. Associate Professor Kennerson is recognised for teaching gene mapping linkage analysis both locally and internationally and is the Genetics Unit of Study Co-Ordinator for the Masters Course at the Brain and Mind Centre.

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